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Bulk Request Form

  1. The City contracts for a monthly bulk item pick-up of oversized or heavy (65+ pound) items such as furniture, appliances, lumber, etc., for our residential customers. The following items are not accepted as bulk items: any hazardous items (paint, tires, refrigerants, batteries, etc.), construction materials (concrete, bricks, landscaping rocks, etc.), and brush (tree limbs) NO TV'S, COMPUTERS OR GLASS. You must have an active utility account with the City of Converse in order to be placed on the bulk list.

  2. To ensure that you are included in the current Bulk pick-up list, the City must be notified no later than the Friday before the third full week of the month by noon. Any notifications received after that will be scheduled for the following month. Please place your bulk items curbside that Saturday or Sunday before pickup, and ensure the materials do not cover the water meter or lay directly under power lines.

  3. The telephone number for Hazardous Waste Disposal for City of Converse Residents is 1-800-449-7587. This service is provided by Waste Management. If you have any questions about any items please contact the telephone number listed above.

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