The Grounds Division mows and trims all city right of ways. Division staff members also mow earthen drainage channels when the weather permits. Throughout the year Grounds department will be spraying vegetation in the right of ways for weed control. This division consists of 6 employees.
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Brush & Mulch Services

The crew also picks up brush (PDF) free of charge during the second full week of every month per area zones. TREE LIMBS ONLY - NO BANANA LEAVES, CACTUS, PALM LEAVES OR BAGS OF LEAVES.  To have your brush collected, chipped, and removed out of zone, please call City Hall at (210) 658-1965 to have your name put on the out of zone pick up list. A friendly reminder, please keep in mind that there is a $75 out of zone fee for this service if you are requesting a date outside of your assigned zone schedule.  


Access contact information for staff members of the Grounds Department:

Main Phone Number 210-659-9513
Fax Number 210-566-9157

Address 8711 Business Ct.
Converse, Tx 78109
Cornelio Castanon Grounds Supervisor 
Isaac Rodriguez Shredder Operator 
Ernest Castillo Grounds Maintenance 
Trevor Carrasco Grounds Maintenance
Ricky Rangel Grounds Maintenance