Victim's Assistance


The role of the CVA is to provide crisis intervention and support services to special victims; particularly victims of family violence, survivors, and their loved ones experiencing a crisis or traumatic event, to help aid in the recovery process and assist them through the criminal justice proceedings, while treating them with compassion, dignity, and respect.

The Crime Victims Advocate can assist victims directly as well as coordinate with other agencies in providing support, information, resources and referrals that can be utilized effectively to meet each victim’s personal needs.  These free services provide victims with a continuum of support from the initial crisis period through the investigative and judicial processes.

The following services are provided by the CVA:

  1. Provides crisis intervention and support services to victims and assists with issues resulting from victimization.
  2. Assesses the psychosocial status of victims.
  3. Provides follow up information to victims related to crime and/or court case.
  4. Collaborates with law enforcement in service provision to crime victims.
  5. Coordinates resources and referrals/ provision of services to victims.
  6. Provides notification to victims of their rights.
  7. Conducts safety and emergency planning with victims.
  8. Provides explanations of the criminal justice process and how to file criminal charges.
  9. Provides information on how to apply for a Protective Order and assists victim with application process.
  10. Provides information on the Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund and assists victim with application process.
  11. Informs the victim how to register for Texas VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) which provides notification of a suspect’s status once in custody.
  12. Provides information specific to the crime or traumatic circumstance and recovery process.
  13. Provides accompaniment to/from Protective Order applications, hearings, forensic interviews, court, and shelters.
  14. Provides an interpreter when needed.
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Jo Marie Montaque

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