city Elections

The City Council is composed of a Mayor and six (6) Council persons; elected at large, and serving a two (2) year term.  The City's General Elections are held in November, annually:

  • Odd-Year Elections:  Mayor and City Council Places 1, 3, 5
  • Even-Year Elections:  City Council Places 2, 4, 6

Qualified persons interested in running for office must complete the required application and forms contained in the Candidates Packet.  A Filing  Fee of $25.00 must be paid at the time the application is submitted.  It is the candidates' responsibility to ensure all the proper documents are completed and filed in a timely manner.

For general election questions please contact the City Secretary's Office at 406 S. Seguin, Converse Texas 78109, by phone at (210) 658-5356.  

Candidates may also file a complete copy of Campaign Finance Reports (Form C/OH) to the email address:


The City of Converse contracts  the conduct of  elections with:

 Bexar County Elections Administrator
     Jacquelyn F. Callanen, Elections Administrator
     Elections Department
     1103 S. Frio, Suite 100
     San Antonio, TX 78207
     Phone: 210-335-VOTE (8683)
     Fax: 210-335-0371 (Elections)

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ELECTION RESULTS (Bexar County Website)

Historical Election Results