My Water Advisor

Converse recently completed a meter change out project the winter of 2019. All of the old analog meters, that required a tech to visit each meter every month to collect a reading, has been replaced with a new digital “smart” meter that will collect a reading every hour and transmit those readings to the City base station at noon and midnight every day. This will allow Utility Billing to provide better customer service by notifying residents of possible leaks and other unusual consumptions.

With the new meter in place, the customer is now able to track water consumption and set alerts through Customers will need to create an online account using the utility account number and the name on the account.  Customers may also monitor their consumption by downloading the My Water Advisor app. To download the app, visit the App Store on IOS or the Play Store on Android devices. The app is intended for “viewing” only and not for setting any alerts.


1. GPM “Gallons Per Minute” indicators. Tells how many gallons per minute are actively flowing through the meter.

2. Flow Indicators: This will display positive or negative water flow direction of water going through the meter.

The positive flow arrow should be pointing towards the residences.

3. Leak Indicator: Leak is when the unit does not sit idle for three consecutive hours within any given 24-hours period, showing continuous or near-continuous flow and possibly a leak at the location. Residents will see an image of water drop in this field.

4. Total Gallons Used Indicator: This will display the total number of gallons used. Utility billing uses the digits before the decimal (reading left to right) to calculate monthly water usage