Animal Care


8755 FM 1516
 Converse, tx 78109   
Phone: 210-658-5369

Facility hours

Monday -Saturday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday: CLOSED

*additional owner reclaims by appointment only 7-8am/5-6pm Monday-Friday and 7-12pm Saturday.

*Closed on Holidays*


Open hours call: 210-658-5369

After hours call Bexar County Non-Emergency: 210-335-6000

In case of emergency call: 911

Animal Care

All impounds by Animal Care will now be located at 8755 FM 1516. All impounds can be found here:


Impounds will be held 3 days if no identification and 5 days with identification before they become the property of the City of Converse. 

City of Converse Animal Ordinances can be found here: 

Rabies vaccination

A current and valid 1-year or 3-year rabies vaccination is required to be on file with Converse Animal Care with a veterinarian’s signature.

All dog and dogs over 4 months are required to have a rabies vaccination

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