Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

 The City of Converse City Council has designated Stage 3 Water Restrictions effective July 18, 2023.  

Notification of restriction stages will be through Facebook, marquee signs, and  City website. See stage restrictions on the left for specific details for each restriction.

Water rates associated with restrictions

For Water Rate Questions, please call Water Billing at 210-658-1965 or Utilities Department at 210-658-3453.

The City of Converse requests ALL citizens to assist in the reduction of overall water consumption according to the following Stages when in effect. 

Normal- Non-restriction water rate. This rate is applied to standard water usage during the year when there are normal restrictions for water.

Stage 1 Water usage to be reduced by 20%

Stage 2 Water usage to be reduced by 30%

Stage 3 Water usage to be reduced by 35%  

Stage 4 Water usage to be reduced by 40%  

The water conservation rate increase is in place to discourage ALL heavy water consumers from using too much water when restrictions are in effect. 

For more rate information consult the Municipal Code, Division 4 Service Charges & Fees.