Water Restrictions Stage 2

Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Stage Two Restrictions begins when the Edwards Aquifer level reaches 650 feet at the J17 well.

  • All restrictions from Stage I.
  • Water waste is prohibited at all times all year long. Water waste includes allowing water to run onto the sidewalk, curb, driveway, street or drain; or failing to repair a controllable leak. Penalties increase for water wasters. Residential water leaks must be repaired within 24 hours.
  • Aesthetic fountains, waterfalls, etc. (outdoor and/or indoor) are prohibited.
  • All irrigation meters for Commercial/Industrial Users will be turned off at this time until such time as Stage Restrictions are lifted.

Existing Landscapes: The designated water times are 12 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Watering days are as follows:

Last Digit of Address - Day

0 or 1 - Monday
2 or 3 - Tuesday
4 or 5 - Wednesday
6 or 7 - Thursday
8 or 9 - Friday

  • New Landscapes. Planting of new landscapes is prohibited without prior written approval of the Director of Utilities or his designated representative.
  • Vegetable Gardens: Watering with handheld hoses, buckets or drip irrigation system is permitted anytime.
  • Filling and makeup of existing swimming pools is permitted. Filling and make up of new facilities is prohibited without prior written approval of the Director of Utilities.
  • Draining of pools/hot tubs is prohibited except onto previous services only (yard).
  • Athletic fields shall reduce water by an additional 5% from Stage I and have on file with the City of Converse an approved conservation plan.
  • Non-commercial washing of vehicles is permitted only on the assigned residential landscape watering day and times in the yard. Water cannot run off of the property onto impervious surfaces such as sidewalks, curbs, streets, or drain ways. Use of a commercial vehicle wash facility is permitted any day.
  • Restaurants and other eating establishments are prohibited from serving underground water to customers except upon requires of the customer.

Each stage will end when the J-17 well exceeds the trigger level for that stage for a period of 10 days or as Edwards Aquifer Authority declares and will revert back to the prior stage. For Questions, please call Water Billing at 658-1965 or Converse Utilities Department at 658-3453.

For more information consult the Municipal code, Division 3 Water Conservation, Sec. 46-190 Stage I-IV: Aquifer Awareness.