Stormwater Operations

Programs & Services

The City of Converse has a new stormwater program that is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Stormwater Operations is responsible for drainage control and maintenance for flood prevention in Converse. The department works with the Street Department to provide comprehensive, efficient, and effective stormwater management. The street cleaning crew sweeps city streets on a planned schedule in order to help prevent debris from building up on curbs and causing potential drainage problems. Drainage maintenance and debris removal is important for flood control.

Regraded work is being done in some creeks to ensure proper water flow. The city will also began programs in the future for citizens and organizations to learn about and help with the beautification of our city. The main goal of Stormwater Operations is to have a safe and healthy city for its citizens and the environment.

Major Responsibilities of Stormwater Operations

  • Inspecting construction projects and keeping records
  • Inspecting natural waterways and designed channels on a regular basis for debris removal and regrading by city crews
  • Maintaining vegetation by mowing drainage channels and easements along the channels
  • Mapping the city’s drainage system out and recording the system on maps for the TCEQ
  • Providing brush chipping services to citizens to reduce the amount of organic material in landfills
  • Removing trash from roadways and city-owned parks
  • Taking water samples for pollutants and repairing the city's outfall and inlet stormwater system

Public Service Information

Report any Drainage, Erosion or Illicit Discharge Problem.

Call (210) 658-3453 or after hours contact the Converse Police Department Dispatch at (210) 658-2322.

Save Yourself. Turn Around, Don't Drown

tadd Beware of low water crossings in Converse:

Gibbs Sprawl Road at Railroad tracks

Under railroad tracks at both locations:
              Old Cimarron Trail & Gibbs Sprawl

Kneupper Ave. between FM 78 and Loop 1604

FM 1976 - From Janice to Crestway

Center Street

Scoop the Poop!

Dog and cat waste left on the ground is more than smelly and unsightly, it pollutes our water and poses a health risk for pets and people, especially children. Please, always remember to scoop the poop and dispose of it properly.
clean pet

For More Information

For more information, please contact Stormwater Inspector Larry Moxley at (210) 658-3453.