Inspection Process

Inspection Guidelines:

All types of work requiring a permit must have accompanying inspections. This guide will aid you in requesting the required inspections.

The Inspection Request form is available for download as a PDF click here.

When you are ready for an inspection, fax an Inspection Request form to (210) 659-3557 or email your request form to . This is the ONLY request form that can be used. You may also schedule an inspection by calling (210) 658-8285; If there is no answer; leave a voice message with the following information:

  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Project Address
  • Permit Number associated with the type of inspection
  • The type of inspection you are requesting (refer to terminology on the following page)
  • Indicate whether you prefer a morning or afternoon inspection time frame.


  • Inspections are scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Inspections MUST be scheduled or received before 4 p.m. to receive next available inspection date. Inspections are scheduled on a first come first served format. You may request "First Available" but the inspection must be ready immediately or it will be failed upon arrival. Schedule your inspections with ample time.
  • For all residential inspections that do not require entry into the house or to the rear yard of your property, you do not need to meet the inspector. However, if the inspector needs to inspect anything inside the house, you will need to arrange for someone to meet the inspector.
  • For commercial inspections, we recommend the contractor be available at the time the inspection is performed to answer questions the inspector may have or to address immediate issues. We cannot guarantee a successful inspection of the inspector if he has questions as to the scope of work and no one at the job site can adequately answer those questions. In addition, the approved plans must be made available to the inspector, if requested, at the time the inspection is performed.
  • A fee of $50 will be assessed for failure to schedule a final inspection within five days after completing the work described by a permit.
  • Re-inspections are assessed at $50 for first fail, $75 for the second fail, and $100 for each additional re-inspection.

NOTES: Foundations shall NOT have a load placed on them until the Building Department receives the inspection report and has been inspected before pouring.