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Stage 3
Water Restrictions Stage 4
Stage 4 Water Restrictions

Stage Four Restrictions begin when the Edwards Aquifer level reaches 635 feet at the J17 well.

  • All restrictions from Stage I, II, III remain in effect.
  • Water waste is prohibited at all times all year long. Water waste includes allowing water to run onto the sidewalk, curb, driveway, street or drain; or failing to repair a controllable leak. Penalties increase for water wasters. Residential water leaks must be repaired within 24 hours.
  • Landscape watering allowed only EVERY OTHER WEEK on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a drip irrigation system, hand-held hose, bucket or soaker hose from 3-8 AM and 8-10 PM only on designated days as determined by your address.
  • Addresses ending in odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) will be allowed to water on the full 1st or 3rd week.

  • Addresses ending in even numbers (0,2,4,6,8) will be allowed to water on the 2nd and 4th week.

  • Months with a 5th week, no watering will be allowed during the 5th week.
  • Planting of new landscapes is prohibited.

  • Irrigation with reused water is exempt from reduction measures.

Each stage will end when the J-17 well exceeds the trigger level for that stage for a period of 30 days and will revert back to the prior stage. For Questions, please call Converse Water Billing at 658-1965 or Utilities Department at 658-3453. 

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