CPR Class

Converse Fire Department supports the American Heart Association's Hands-Only CPR. We know that high quality, uninterrupted chest compressions initiated as soon as possible after cardiac arrest (their heart stops pumping) can triple their changes of survival. Learning Hands-Only CPR is simple, fast, and FREE! 

This course is a quick, upbeat, and informal class designed for community awareness of Hands-Only CPR, and will teach participants how to start CPR right away and continue doing chest compressions until help arrives. Participants will learn about cardiac arrest and how to recognize it's happening, Training in Hands-Only CPR gives members, of our local community, the ability to help save a life without using mouth-to-mouth ventilations. 

This FREE class is open to Converse residents. 

Keep an eye on our social media and the website Newsflash for upcoming classes! Please call (210)658-8900 for more information! 

Visit the  American Heart Association for more information about Hands-Only CPR.

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