Weather Preparedness


In December of 2022, Converse became recognized as a StormReady Community by the National Weather Service.  The StormReady program helps community leaders and residents better prepare for hazardous weather and recognizes those communities who have demonstrated a strong commitment to implement infrastructure and best practice's in systems needed to save lives and protect people and property when disaster strikes. 

City of Converse's emergency management team officials have worked closely with its community to make steady improvements in planning, preparedness, and emergency response capabilities of its first responders. City officials have also worked closed with the National Weather Service to ensure best practices are continuing to be met in all aspects of weather-related emergency preparedness. 

In order to be recognized as a StormReady Community, the city much maintain a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center; have more than one way to receive National Weather Service Warnings and to alert the public; be able to monitor local weather and flood conditions; conduct community preparedness programs; and ensure hazardous weather and flooding are addressed in formal emergency management plans. 

Being a StormReady Community does not mean that a community is storm proof, but it does recognize that Converse is prepared to save lives from the onslaught of severe weather through better planning, education, and awareness. For additional information visit StormReady and follow the City of Converse social media platforms for notices of upcoming emergency preparedness classes.

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