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City of Converse, Texas - Officers with the Converse Police Department will be conducting a Warrant Roundup.  If you have any outstanding warrants with Converse Municipal Court, you may contact the court to assist in making payment arrangements or take care of the warrant prior to the Warrant Roundup by:

  • Calling the Converse Municipal Court Office Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm     at (210) 658-8021.
  • Contact the Converse Police Department Warrant Officer Tuesday through Friday 8am to 6pm   at (210) 988-1654.
     If you are unsure if you have a warrant, visit the Converse Municipal Court Website to verify at:

CONVERSE WARRANTS   Go to the Warrants Section and enter your information.

Individuals who contact the Municipal Court prior to the Warrant Roundup and make arrangements to take care of their warrant will not be arrested when appearing at the Municipal Court Office.  

To avoid an Officer arriving at your residence or place of business you must contact the Municipal Court before March 7, 2022.


Warrant Officer R. Zarate


(210) 988-1654