Camera Registry Program

The Converse Police Department is committed to utilizing every resource to prevent and solve crimes and to protect citizens and their property. Many residents and businesses are now utilizing surveillance cameras and these cameras may capture persons and events without the owner’s knowledge and this captured information may help the police department solve crimes and help keep the City safe.

The City of Converse wants your help in fighting crime by taking part in the Camera Registry Program (CRP). With recent successes in solving crimes by placing suspect photos on our Facebook page, local newspapers, Crime Stoppers bulletins, and local television news broadcasts, the Converse Police Department is now initiating a program where citizens can register their exterior facing surveillance cameras with the police department in an effort to assist us in solving crimes.

​​When a crime occurs, police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras and enlist the assistance of the community to help officers collect video evidence and follow up on leads. By being able to quickly locate and view camera footage, the Converse Police Department will be better able to identify possible suspects and bring them to justice.

​​Through the program, CPD will be able to directly contact CRP registrants who are using video in an area in which a crime occurred. Police would ask CRP registrants to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time for video that may show activity involved with a crime, such as a getaway car or the direction that a person of interest was headed. If any video evidence is found, the resident or business owner can contact the Criminal Investigations Division by calling (210) 988-1518 to make arrangements for video retrieval.​​

Camera Registry Program Policy and Terms of Use

Policy: Registration is voluntary and there is no cost associated with registration. Registering your information does not provide CPD with direct access to your camera. You may delete your registration at any time. An individual’s personal information will be kept confidential by the City unless subject to disclosure by court order. Your information will be accessed by law enforcement personnel who are investigating a crime in the vicinity of where your camera is located. You will only be contacted by the Converse Police Department in the future if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera. Police personnel, if necessary, may request a copy of any video captured by your camera, which may assist in the investigation of a crime.

Terms of Use: The goal of the program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Converse Police Department and the communities we serve. Accordingly, all registrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

​ 1. Any footage containing or related to criminal activity may be collected by the Converse Police Department for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.

​2. Under no circumstances shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the City of Converse and/or the Converse Police Department through the program.

​3. If necessary, the Converse Police Department will contact you directly, using the information provided on this site, to request the appropriate video surveillance footage.

​ By submitting this information, I understand and agree to the above policy and terms of use.

​ If you are interested in participating in this program, please click here to complete and email Camera Registry Program application.
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