Deferred Disposition

Deferred disposition is a process in which the judge requires the defendant to adhere to certain conditions. If a defendant successfully complies with the conditions, the case will be dismissed. If the defendant does not comply with the terms of probation, a fine may be assessed and a conviction entered on their driving record.

Deferred Disposition requirements:

You are eligible to set up Deferred Disposition prior to your scheduled court appearance at the Clerk's Window:
  • Upon entry of a 'guilty' or 'no contest' plea
  • The offense did not involve an accident or injury
  • For speeding violations; speed is less than 25 MPH over the posted limit
  • Have proof of a valid Driver's License
The term of the Deferred Disposition is 90 days, except for insurance violations which will be 180 days.  The standard city fine and cost will be assessed and the required special expense fee of $50 will be added to the standard city fine and court cost.   The defendant shall be required to:
  • Make payment of all fines, costs, and special expense fees lump sum in advance; and
  • Avoid any additional Traffic Code offenses during the deferral; and
  • If charged with an insurance violation present and maintain state minimum level of liability insurance for 180 days. The term of the deferred disposition is 180 days
  • Any violation of these terms will require a show cause hearing before the Judge. Any new offenses of the Traffic code during the deferral period will require a docket setting for the new cases and a show cause setting for the deferral.
Violations that are NOT eligible for Deferred Disposition:
  • Cases with a Juvenile defendant (any person under the age of 17)
  • Passing an Authorized Emergency Vehicle
  • Passing a School Bus
  • Speeding more than 25 MPH over the posted speed limit
  • Assault Cases